Criss Angel Filming His NEW Spike TV Series On Fremont Street

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Criss Angel

Check out some of the photos taken from the filming of Criss Angels new Spike TV series.

Last night (May 9th) Criss preformed one of his dangerous illusions live at the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas for fans and spectators.

In tribute to Lord of Illusion, Clive Baker, Criss was chained to a wooden table with six swords hanging high above him, with one fatally positioned over his heart.

Being preformed live the illusion did come across a couple complications, but at the end the crowd cheered of excitement as Criss made it out alive

Criss’ new original series will feature eleven one-hour episodes which are slated to launch later this year. Till then check out the photos below from last night’s filming and follow Criss on twitter for all the updated on his new show.

Photos © Justin Paludipan