Photography, web design and marketing, Justin does it all. If he’s not photographing celebrities or editing photos then you’ll find him revamping a website, and if he’s not working on a website he might be marketing one. If you need a photographer or need help with your website, then Justin’s the guy to contact.

Justin’s passion for photography began by taking pictures of celebrities at various celebrity red carpets and events in and around the Las Vegas area. Some of the events include the first live broadcast of “Diggnation”, which featured hosts Kevin Rose, Alex Albrecht and Ashton Kutcher, as well as Fangoria’s first annual convention “Trinity of Terrors”, which featured hit rock band Slipknot, and the first Annual Vegas Rocks! Magazine Awards, which was hosted inside the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel & Casino.

After years of covering small events here and there, Justin now photographs celebrities on a weekly basis in Las Vegas Nevada, and in the greater Los Angeles California area. Aside from chasing down celebrities, Justin enjoys running and maintaining a number of company’s websites. With over four websites of his own, Justin manages to stay up-to-date on the ever-changing web trends and successfully help companies possibly go viral.

Justin is always devoted to the job(s) placed upon him and always works hard to get the job(s) done. With an ever-growing portfolio, Justin always prides himself in pleasing his employers and always seeks to gain employment in areas where his skills can be challenged and new learning opportunities are available.

Never hesitate to contact Justin at [email protected]